The free outdoor art event, List í ljósi Festival, will be returning to the eastern town of Seyðisfjörður this weekend (15-16 February), transforming the picturesque settlement into a hub of colour, culture and light.

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The festival’s name translates to Art in Light, its aim being to brighten the winter months by the most creative and inspiring means possible. Celebrating the return of the sun is more than a worthy cause, after all, given the seemingly endless darkness of Iceland’s winter.

Credit: Artist Jan Philip Scheibe / Photo: Galaxïa Roijade Konungur

Seyðisfjörður is only home to approximately 700 people, but it is famed across the country for its flourishing art scene and stunning surrounding scenery. For anyone travelling through Iceland’s magnificent eastern region, Seyðisfjörður is a must-stop anytime of the year. 

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Aside from the Art in Light festival, the town is home to the experimental music organisation, Skálar, Skaftfell Centre for Visual Art and the photography workshop and gallery, Ströndin Studio. With such a collective dedication to creativy, it is no wonder that Seyðisfjörður makes the perfect location for a light festival such as this. 

Musicians playing at List í ljósi Festival. Credit: List í ljósi Festival Facebook.

Credit: List í ljósi Festival

Since the festival’s inception, both international and local artists have worked together to illuminate the town through a mixture of light projections and installations, as well as interactive and immersive experiences.

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Enormous illuminated art works are holographically printed on many of the town’s  buildings and cultural landmarks, including nearby mountains. This transforms Seyðisfjörður from a quaint Nordic town to something straight out of a Tim Burton film, a psycadelic Hollywood set of flashing images, colours and light rays. 

Credit: Ómar Bogason

A week of free activities is run alongside the festival, only adding to its allure. These events include the Flat Earth Film Festival, art exhibitions and workshops, live performance and parties. In short, if you happen to be in Seyðisfjörður this weekend, make sure to involve yourself in the festival’s activities, and you too will see a bright and shining side of Icelandic culture not often seen by visitors. 

Are you planning on visiting List í ljósi Festival this year in Seyðisfjörður? Which are your favourite festivals that take place in Iceland? Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments in the Facebook comments box below.

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