With its awe-inspiring nature, quaint settlements and promise of adventure, the world has quickly opened its eyes to the fact that Iceland is one of the most romantic travel destinations on the planet. Here are our top six picks for romantic getaways in Iceland this Valentine’s Day.

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Each year, more and more couples choose to visit the land of ice and fire, opting to enjoy one another’s company in an environment of pure magic. Whether visiting during the warm summer months, the Midnight Sun glowing overhead, or during the winter with the bright Northern Lights, Iceland is sure to draw out feelings of passion and awe from both of you.

This Valentine’s Day, Iceland is blanketed in a fresh layer of snow and, with it, comes a feeling of rebirth and potential. Just taking a stroll together in this white winter wonderland is blissful enough, but for those looking for a heightened experience, there is no beating our list of the top 6 romantic experiences available in Iceland this year.

Go on, be kind to the one you love.

2-Day Thorsmork Exploration

""Nowhere in Iceland is so remote and beautiful as the Valley of Þórsmörk, found deep in the mysterious Icelandic Highlands.

The landscapes of the highlands appear as though they were designed with lovers a mind, a fairytale world of dramatic mountainscapes, tumbling rivers and distant glacial volcanoes. A sightseeing experience here is destined to bring you and your loved one closer; together, you will have seen Iceland at its most rugged, and most delightful.

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Wintertime visits will see you bathing together in a steamy hot tub, all beneath the dancing Northern Lights, while summer guests will experience the glowing Midnight Sun. After a delicious BBQ meal, the pair of you will retire to your accommodation for the night, a comfortable tent, pitched amidst some of the country’s prettiest nature.

Westfjords 2 Day Summer Break | With Flights from Reykjavik

"DynjandiBold couples looking for a greater adventure might opt for this 2-day summer journey to Iceland’s Westfjords, a region of staggering and untouched landscape often overlooked by visitors preoccupied with the country’s more famous attractions.

This is one of the great advantages of visiting the Westfjords, lending itself to romance like no other region can. Exploring the wilderness, the two of you will almost certainly find yourselves alone with noone but Mother Nature for company.

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Your first day sees you fly in from Reykjavík Domestic Airport, then paying a visit to the Látrabjarg bird-watching cliffs, famed for the millions of Atlantic Puffins that nest there. You will also visit a seal colony to gain a closer connection to Iceland’s nature, as well as Rauðasandur, a strip of shoreline with sands so golden, you won’t believe you’re not in the tropics.

Finally, you will visit the mighty waterfall Dynjandi, one of the most beloved attractions to be found in the Westfjords. Funnily enough, this feature is shaped like an enormous wedding cake…not that we’re hinting.

Lake Myvatn Husky Experience

""You know what they say? “Couples who laugh together, stay together”. Thankfully, this incredible 4-day dog sledding excursion across the volcanic landscape of Mývatn will be nothing if not a jubilant experience.

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Based in the rustic guesthouse Vogafjós Resort, this experience also includes admission to the luxurious Mývatn Nature Baths, a sightseeing tour of the nearby area and even three delicious two-course dinners. The Mývatn Nature Baths are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery found in North Iceland, making this relaxation break a real necessity, and are often considered a quieter, cheaper experience to the Blue Lagoon Spa.

Couples could find no better tour for balancing luxury and comfort with a sled-load of excitement.

5 Day Summer Package with Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

""Couples travelling for 5 days or more have a number of enticing options for their stay in Iceland, the first of which is a full summer package discovering the Golden Circle sightseeing route—including Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal valley and gullfoss waterfall—and the picturesque South Coast.

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Hands down, one of the most romantic locations in Iceland is the glittering glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón. For most, this is the highlight of their time on the South Coast. This wonder of nature sees enormous icebergs breakaway from Breiðamerkurjökull outlet glacier, dropping onto the lagoon’s still surface before floating out toward the wide Atlantic Ocean.

Anyone looking for the perfect spot to propose could find no better setting.

6 Day Summer Self-Drive | Hidden Gems under the Midnight Sun


It is possible to takes things a step further by partaking in a 6-day self drive tour, discovering some of the lesser known attractions to be found across the country.

Setting your own pace, the two of you will be able to see such attractions as Lake Kleifarvatn, on the Reykjanes Peninsula, or the steamy outside pool, the Secret Lagoon—the oldest of its kind in Iceland! 

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This self-drive tour covers so much of the country, you’ll hardly believe it. The Reykjanes Peninsula, The Golden Circle route, the South Coast, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula; all of these magical regions are in the palm of your hand with this summer experience, promising a fantastic time for you and your partner.

8 Day Guided Summer Tour | Circle of Iceland in a Small Group

""For those power couples who want it all, there can be no forsaking this 8-day guided summer tour circling the entirety of the country. With a small group guarantee, you have professional and personal guidance throughout your journey, providing plenty of opportunities to learn fascinating facts about Iceland’s nature, history and culture.

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This 8-day adventure is the only tour from our top picks that ventures to Iceland’s mysterious Eastfjords, the least visited region in the country. The whole eastern stretch of the island is characterised by its sharp-peaked mountains, rugged backcountry trails and its dark and twisting shorelines. Among others, you will discover such attractions as Lake Lagarfljót, home to an ancient marine monster, and Iceland’s largest national forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur.

Traversing each of Iceland’s regions, there’s no end to the sights you will experience. Iceland truly is a country where behind every curve in the road lies a natural attraction that defies the imagination. Whether it be a tumbling waterfall, frozen glacier, rumbling volcano or black sand beach, you will discover the very best that Iceland has to offer over eight glorious days.

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