Pálína Axelsdóttir Njarðvík, the creator behind the Instagram account @farmlifeiceland, recently attracted the attention of Vogue Magazine, who made her a feature story on their site this February.

Naturally, Pálína was shocked after receiving an email from Vogueworld asking whether she could be featured for the magazine, especially considering her self-confessed lack of knowledge about fashion (though, her sense of style contradicts this).

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However, the reaction has been one of overwhelming support and interest.

Her Instagram posts vary from photogenic portraits of sheep, horses and lambs, to documentary-style snapshots of farmwork and even advertisements for Icelandic clothing products.  

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Another star, if somewhat accidentally, is her adorable border collie Kvísl, who makes many appearances throughout the feed.

Those who know only a little of Icelandic farm life are privy to an entirely new way of life, one that no doubt seems as exotic as it does rugged to the urbanites among us.


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Friendsheep goals. Happy weekend everybody. Hope you have a good one. Photo: @davidoddgeirs

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While not pursuing her Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology at the University of Iceland, Pálína dedicates her time to sharing her experiences of family life on the sheep farm, Eystra Geldingaholti, located in the southwest of the country. The farm has been in her mother’s family for six generations.

Despite the pleasant ambience of Pálína’s Instagram posts, she wants to make clear the amount of time and commitment that goes into successful sheep farming. Up to 18 hours a day in May will be spent supervising ewes and attending to newborn lambs.

It is also essential to Pálína that she showcases Icelandic agriculture, setting an example of how to operate a farm and correctly tend to the animals.

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