The Reykjavík Winter lights festival has delighted residents and visitors of Iceland’s capital city two days in a row now. If you’re thinking about joining the festivities today, here are some suggestions of exciting events to get involved in. Walk, run or swim surrounded by lights.

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Pool Night – Various Locations – 17:00-22:00


Late night swimming is a popular part of the Winter Lights Festival. Photo: Vetrarhátíð facebook.

Icelanders love to swim and are proud of their swimming pools. Most residents of Reykjavík dream of being able to relax in a communal hot tub late into the evening and tonight you can! Twelve pools in the greater metropolitan area are keeping their doors open until 22:00, and entry is free from 17:00.

Some pools will have light displays to go with the theme of the festival. The mood will be chilled out and guests are encouraged to have a relaxing time at the pool.

The participating pools are Árbæjarlaug, Ásgarðslaug, Ásvallalaug, Breiðholtslaug, Grafarvogslaug, Klébergslaug, Laugardalslaug, Lágafellslaug, Salalaug, Seltjarnarneslaug, Sundhöll Reykjavíkur and Vesturbæjarlaug.

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Northern Lights Run – Hafnarhusid, Tryggvagata 17 – 18:00


Putting the fun in fun-run. Photo: Norðurljósahlaup Orkusölunnar facebook.

For those inclined towards sporty activities, there is a fun run through the streets of Reykjavík. The route of the run weaves past all of the best and brightest displays which are a part of the festival. Participants in the run will be given illuminated objects to decorate themselves with to become a part of the lighting spectacular.

The event begins with a warmup at Reykjavík Art Museums Hafnarhúsið building at 18:00. The run itself kicks off at 19:00 and ends back in the Reykjavík Art Museum with music and dancing and, of course, more lights!

You can register here for the Northern Lights Run.

If you’re not the athletic type, you can still walk the path that goes past the seven lighting displays on your own time on the 9th.

Organ Workshop For Kids – Asmundarsalur, Freyjugata 41 – 09:00-17:00


A glass brain to puzzle your brain. Photo: Ásmundarsalur facebook.

This workshop correlates with the current exhibit at Ásmundarsalur, which are organs made of blown glass. The organ workshop gives kids an opportunity to learn about the human body by getting creative. Crafts and educational displays available, fun for the whole family.

Enthralment – Einars Jonsson Museum, Hallgrimstorg 3 – 10:00-17:00


Enthralment. Photo: Listasafn Einars Jónssonar facebook.

Olga Bergmann and Anna Hallin have a video exhibition at The Einar Jónsson Museum. In the exhibition the two artists work with the special relationship of the video and the objects already on display in the museum, creating a dialogue between the current moment and the past. The project is an exciting Icelandic/Swedish collaboration.

The complete program can be found here. Have a browse the site to find additional events to attend.

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Have you seen anything at the Winter Lights Festival so far? What are you excited about seeing? Tell us in the comments below.