Winter nights in Reykjavík have their own unique charm. The dark night sky sits above the illuminated city which is often wrapped in a blanket of fluffy snow.

Without a clock, it’s difficult to know what hour of the day it is. It could be 5 pm or midnight, the same level of darkness encompasses the city from the moment the sun takes an early cue and heads to bed.

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February marks a special moment of the Icelandic winter. The darkness is slowly starting to leave as the days begin to get longer, and in Reykjavík, the city begins to celebrate.

The Winter Lights festival is an annual event that celebrates the transition of dark to light during these colder months.

Credit: Winter Lights Festival Program

The city of Reykjavík is brought to life with events open to the public. The program is a mixture of art and history, environment and industry, sports and culture.

The festival provides activities and entertainment for residents and visitors to the city of Reykjavík, all of them are free of charge. This year’s Winter Lights Festival kicks off on Thursday, February 7 and continues till Sunday, February 10.

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With over 200 events throughout the four days, this festival promises to inject light into the darkness. The activities range from museum visits, to light shows, to live performances, and there are even things happening at the public pools. Don’t forget; they’re all free!

Credit: Winter Lights Festival Program

The opening ceremony of this year’s festival incorporates one of Reykjavík’s most well-known buildings and a light installation. The New Zealand artist group, ‘Nocturnal’ will bring Hallgrímskirkja to life with an audio-visual show entitled ´Passage’. The ceremony will begin at 7.45pm on Thursday, February 7.

Over the next few days, we are going to share some of the events we are excited about, so make sure you check in with Guide to Iceland Now over the next few days to get amped up for some winter lights action.

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