The best way to stay warm and happy during the winter months is to dance! Dancing gets your blood flowing and releases lots of endorphins. We’ve made a playlist of Icelandic songs with a rhythm that’ll get you moving.

It’s time to twerk, headbang, jump around, whip and nae nea, do the mashed potato, moonwalk, sway, shake your booty, floss and cha-cha slide like nobody’s watching. Strap on your boogie shoes and get down with some Icelandic party tunes, old and new.

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Hemmi Gunn implores you to get out on the dance floor in ‘Út á gólfið’ and asks if there’s anything better than dancing. In the chorus, the late, great television and radio presenter sings “Get out on the floor, no stress. Get out on the floor, be merry. Now the time has come to dance”. The perfect message to start the weekend; no stress, time to dance.

It’s no surprise that lots of these songs are about Reykjavík. Hermigervill’s cover of Þú & Ég’s disco hit ‘Í Reykjavíkurborg’ (In Reykjavík City) doesn’t include the lyrics, leaving less distraction from the infectious rhythm. “Reykjavík you awaken me” sings frontwoman Agnes Björt Andradóttir in Sykur’s electro-pop ode to Reykjavík. Last but not least, Emmsjé Gauti’s claim that Reykjavík is ours is presented through an irresistibly catchy hip-hop tune.

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Stuðmenn have two songs on the list, some might dismiss them as a lame dad-band, but you can’t deny that their songs get your toes tapping. In ‘Út í kvöld’ they sing about going out tonight and in ‘Taktu til við að tvista’ they tell the listener to start doing the twist, moving and shaking their bodies.

Perhaps the best advice we can give comes from Friðrik Dór’s ‘Dönsum (eins og hálfvitar)’ the title of which translates to Let’s dance (like idiots). In addition to dancing like an idiot the song lists dancing like: a drag queen, the fiddler on the roof, a professional, and by bopping along on the sofa. Friðrik Dór says that each one is allowed and we agree! Dance however you want.

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 Head-bang to Ham’s Partybær. Bounce to reggae beats with AmabAdamA. Find your inner dancing queen with Disco Frisco. Enjoy our playlist for the weekend!