We’re heading towards the end of January 2019, meaning we’re now too far from the New Year to forget its 2019, but not close enough to the Easter vacation we’re already craving.

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It’s that time of year when Fridays begin to feel special again, given that we are no longer in the throes of yet another seasonal party.

That last hour of work, just before the weekend, has a slight rose-coloured hue; soon you’ll be able to step out of the office, leave the work week behind and decide what relaxation or mischief you’ll be getting up to with two days of valuable ‘me time’.

‘Fyrirparty’ is an Icelandic word that translates to ‘before party’ and is the term used in Iceland when you’re getting ready to go out. Icelanders are famous for having long pre-parties at home, the build up before hitting the town no earlier than midnight. It’s a time when you catch up with friends over drinks and snacks before it’s too loud to have a conversation in a club.

It’s always topped off with a soundtrack playing in the background, and this weekend we have your ‘fyrirparty’ tracks covered.

Credit: Prins Polo Facebook

‘Icelandic Music to get ready to’ is a playlist filled with new music from the past 12 months in Iceland. It’s an eclectic mix of what happened in some of the echelons of the Icelandic music scene in 2018 and is filled with up and coming acts, as well as established award winners.

‘Lætur Mig’ (let me) by GDRN has the perfect fusion of slow synth-pop and hip hop to accompany the long drawn out task of picking an outfit for the night.

A newly formed band, ‘The Bagdad Brothers’ song ‘Brian Eno Says: Quit Your Job’ provides the upbeat tempo and lyrics perfect for the background of a conversation about happiness with your current employment.

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If you’re in the mood to bliss out, there’s Ayia’s ‘Slow’ which also has an incredible music video that will probably suck you into an artistic YouTube hole.

Iceland’s answer to ‘The Lonely Island’ Séra Bjössi will get you in the party mood as you wait for your cab with ‘Djamm Queen’ (party queen).

It’s Friday, and in the immortal words of a Miss Rebecca Black, “You gotta get down on Friday,” so pop a bottle and tell your friends, tonight you’re having ‘fyrirparty’ at your place.