Not only is there going to be a total lunar eclipse tonight in Iceland, but it’s also going to be a Super Wolf Blood Moon. If you got lost at ‘lunar eclipse’ then continue reading for all the explanations you could need as well as tips on how and when to see the total lunar eclipse in Iceland.

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A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes directly between the sun and moon, blocking the reflective light from reaching the night sky. A total lunar eclipse describes the event when the moon is completely engulfed by the earth’s shadow and only reflects refracted light; a glow that we usually see naturally at sunset.

The refracted light from the Earth’s atmosphere shines red, hence ‘Blood Moon’ and the first full moon of January is always called a ‘Wolf Moon’, but what’s with the Super?

Well, on this very special evening, not only will there be a Wolf Blood Moon but it also happens to be a Super Moon as our tidal titan is at its closest to the earth. So, even though Super Wolf Blood Moon sounds like a bad hair metal band, it’s actually totally legit.

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The entire duration of the eclipse in Iceland is from 02:36 AM in the early hours of Monday morning and lasts until 07:48 AM. The total eclipse itself will last for 62-minutes between 04:41 AM and 05:43 AM and you can expect the moon to be giant in size and red in colour.

Weather forecasts for a lot of Iceland are not looking too friendly as a clear sky is a favourable condition for lunar lurking and much of Iceland is predicted to be cloudy. The best weather looks to be in the North and East of Iceland, with prime spots being in the Northeast.