Handball and snow were noticeable in Icelandic news this week, but what else went on? Lots did! The super bad-ass news of the week includes rappers, tattoos, ghosts and a bomb.

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Iceland’s First Tattoo Artist

Tattooer at work.

Photo: Wikimedia. Creative Commons.

Iceland’s best-known tattoo artist, Fjölnir Geir Bragason, is looking for a mysterious man who he thinks might be the first tattooer in Iceland. This stranger is believed to have tattooed soldiers stationed in Iceland in the Second World War.

The search for the unknown tattoo artist begun when Fjölnir was given antique tattoo equipment from an estate. The artefacts include tattoo guns, needles and cards with tattoo flashes. On the back of one such card were the words ‘Indigo Base Command’. This indicates that the mystery tattoo artist worked on an army base since Indigo was a code for Iceland in WWII.

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Previously Fjölnir believed that man named Helgi Aðalsteinsson had been the first tattoo artist in Iceland but this new find may prove otherwise. Fjölnir has promised a free tattoo to anyone who helps him solve this riddle.

Reykjavíkurdætur Received an Award

The rap group Reykjavíkurdætur.

Photo: Reykjavíkurdætur Facebook

Everyone’s favourite all-female, Icelandic, 10 people rap collective got an award this week! This is, of course, Reykjavíkurdætur, which have been delighting us with their raps since 2013.

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The group went to the Netherlands to accept the Music Moves Europe Talent Award in the Hip-hop/Rap category. In addition to that award, Reykjavíkurdætur were also the winners of a Public Choice Award. Two for one on awards, not a bad start to the year for the gals.

In 2018 Reykjavíkurdætur released Shrimpcocktail the follow-up to their debut album RVK DTR. They have already teased that more content can be expected from the band this year. It appears that good times lie ahead for us Reykjavíkurdætur fans.


A spooky house.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Magnus Manske

A spooky new Icelandic television show which is in development is currently looking for filming locations. The show, which has yet to be named, is looking for ghostly looking deserted farms or places rumoured to be haunted.

The television programme will be hosted by comedian Pétur Jóhann Sigfússon, who, interestingly, says he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Each episode Pétur Jóhann will be joined by a guest at one of the eerie locations which are now being considered. We’ll see if the comedian’s stance on ghosts will be changed after a few episodes.


Ísafjörður town in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Photo: Wikimedia. Creative Commons. Herbert Ortner

Another week, another antiquated bomb found in Iceland. This week’s surprising find was probably from World War II and was found in the foundations of a house in Ísafjörður in the Westfjords.

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The house was built around 1940 and the bomb was discovered when the current owner was digging into the foundation during a renovation.

The Westfjord’s Coast Guard’s bomb specialists say it’s likely that the bomb found it’s way there by sea as the house is built on marine gravel. According to specialists the bomb could not have caused much damage and was possibly not active. It has now been destroyed.