To the lament of many adoring fans, Icelandic football player and model Rúrik Gíslason seems to be off the market. If Instagram is anything to go by – and we all know it is – he has found love with the gorgeous Nathalia Soliani.

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The 30-year-old Icelander is a midfielder for SV Sandhausen in Germany and has modelled for brands like 66°North. Since last year’s Football World Cup, where Rúrik played for Iceland, he’s become extremely popular on social media.


The footballer at his second job, modelling. Photo: Rúrik Gíslason Instagram

During the World Cup, his Instagram account went from having around 30 thousand followers to over a million. According to Rúrik most of his new followers were Argentinian and Brazilian women.

In a radio interview in July, Rúrik mentioned that despite his popularity on the internet he thought he would have difficulty finding a girlfriend. He said this was because of all the travelling he does for his work. But now he’s managed to find a girl who seems to travel just as much as him, if not more!

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The lucky lady in question is a Brazilian woman, Nathalia Soliani. Nathalia is signed with IMG Models and has been working as a model since she was 15 years old.


Nathalia is a fan of football. Photo: Nathalia Soliani Instagram.

Nathalia is a big sport and fitness fan. She regularly attends football games and has a particular soft spot for Chelsea FC. According to her Instagram, she also likes tennis and boxing.

The pair has been popping up in each other’s Instagram stories for a while now, but nothing had been confirmed about the relationship. However, comments on a recent Instagram post leave very little doubt about them being a couple.

Rúrik commented in Portuguese “Minha linda” (English: My beauty) with a fire and heart emoji. Nathalia replied, “Meu amor” (My love) with a heart emoji. Love is apparently in the air.


The Instagram post in question. Photo: Nathalia Soliani Instagram.

Rúrik and Nathalia seem to have spent Christmas and New Year in and around Rio De Janeiro on holiday. Recent Instagram posts indicate that they are currently in the Swiss Alps. Nathalia has posted pictures of herself wearing 66°NORTH products in the snow; maybe she’ll steal her boyfriend’s modelling gig?

We wish the couple well and look forward to seeing Nathalia in Iceland.