To no one’s surprise, it’s cold in Iceland right now. When it’s this chilly outside the best thing is to curl up under a blanket and listen to some chill music. Guide to Iceland Now has compiled a list of Icelandic songs to warm the cockles of your heart.

‘Notalegt’ is an Icelandic word which means comfortable, pleasant or cosy. ‘Notalegt’ is also a song sung by the velvet-voiced Sigríður Thorlacius and Sigurður Guðmundsson. It’s technically a Christmas song, but the lyrics don’t mention Christmas until the very end, so we can just about get away with including it.

Prins Póló’s song ‘Er of seint að fá sér kaffi núna?’ (Translation: Is it too late to have coffee now?) asks an important question, the answer to which is, of course, no, it’s never too late for coffee.

Coffee is a great way to keep warm. Icelanders often talk about having “ten drops” when they’re going to indulge themselves with a cup of coffee, it just so happens that Moses Hightower’s song ‘Tíu dropar’ (Translation: Ten drops) goes well with a small cup of coffee. 

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 Understandably many of the songs are about love. Ragga Gröndal’s ‘Ást’, the title of which simply means love, is one of the more romantic ones.

‘Ástarsaga úr fjöllunum’ is a haunting song about trolls in love sung by Svavar Knútur. He also sings ‘Frá liðnu vori’ which is from an album he dedicated to his grandmother. If that thought doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, we don’t know how to thaw your frozen heart.

Maybe the only way to stay warm is “Að grafa sig í fönn” like the song by Ásgeir. The title means: burying yourself in the snow, which is a genuine way of staying warm if you’re lost in the snow and at risk of freezing to death. What a handy tip!

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 This playlist is full of relaxed songs to keep you cosy and warm. Like Moses Hightower’s song ‘Búum til börn’ (Translation: Let’s make babies)… well, that’s one way to stay warm.

Some of the songs on the playlist remind us that winter will pass. For example ‘Vorið kemur’ beautifully sung by Diddú, reminding us that spring will come.

Get yourself some tea or cocoa, or even ten drops of coffee, and get snug so you can enjoy these winter warmers.