There are a litany of popular events happening this week in Iceland’s glorious capital, Reykjavík. Why not brace the cold and find the event that best suits your interest? Read on for more details.

Header Photo: Zakas Photography 

Whilst beautiful, Reykjavík in January is is notoriously cold and dark. Residents bundles themselves up in layer after layer should they need to pop out to the shops or bars, or otherwise contain themselves in the warmth and comfort of their homes.

That’s not to say the city’s cultural scene has come to a deadening halt. In fact, January is one of the best times of year to try out new and exciting activities, hobbies that might last with you throughout the rest of your life. So just what events are happening this week in and around Reykjavík?

Monday January 14th 2019

Kizomba Night – 20:30 – 23:00 – Sólon Bistro Bar – Free Admission

Credit: Pixabay.

Kizomba is a style of dance that can trace its roots to 1970s Africa, particularly the Republic of Angola, far from the rugged and frostbitten shores of this small, Nordic island. And yet, given that Kizomba is the fastest growing dance genre in the world, its no surprise that practitioners can be found in Reykjavík.

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In fact, they’ll be hosting an event dedicated to dance this very evening at Sólon Bistro Bar, specifically a half hour lesson, with a friendly get-together afterward. Sólon is one of the major establishments in the city dedicated to the dance community, hosting social events and boasting their own dance floor.

In no time, you too will be swaying and jiving to the sensuous rhythms of Kizomba.  So don’t hesitate to get your groove on!

Tuesday January 15th 2019

Singer Songwriter Night – 21:00 – 23:45 – Dillon Whiskey Bar – Free Admission

Credit: WIkimedia. Creative Commons.

Aside from its enormous collections of whiskies, Dillon bar is best known for its foot-stomping live music nights. Tuesday evenings are focused around local singer-songwriters, all of whom eagerly await their opportunity to share their own melodies and lyrics. For enthusiasts of original music, this is, undoubtedly, the ultimate way to first experience the rising generation of Icelandic artists.

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Not only is this a great opportunity to see a group of creative musicians perform live in a respectful and encouraging atmosphere, but you too can get involved, showcasing your own talents to a ready and willing audience (—just make sure to contact Dillon beforehand). And who knows, perhaps you’ll discover the world’s next superstar right here in cosy, old Reykjavik?

Wednesday January 16th 2019

Preparing Iceland For The Digital Age – 17.00 – 18.00 – Menntavegur 1 – Free Admission

Credit: Wikimedia. Creative Commons. David Bohl.

The digital revolution has affected all of us, from how we socialise, play and work, to how we order food or purchase our clothes or plan our future holidays. In other words, computer technology has touched upon almost all aspects of our lives, forever leading us towards an uncertain future.

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But just what does this revolution have in store for Iceland’s future specifically, and how can we, as users of technology, expect the face of this country change? How will Iceland prepare, in the upcoming years, for the changes that will take place? If these questions burn a hole in your brain, Wednesday’s event is the perfect opportunity to learn more.

This event is hosted by Jesper Vangkilde, Head of Communication at Google and Youtube for Iceland and Denmark. He will make a presentation focusing on the latest work from the world’s most popular search engine, as well as take any questions the audience may have. This is not one to miss for those fascinated by such subjects as artificial intelligence, social media and web development.

Thursday January 17th 2019

Pub Quiz – 20.30 – 23.00 – KEX Hostel – Free Admission 

Credit: KEX Hostel Facebook.

A Thursday is as good a night as any to take part in a pub quiz, so why not head down to the eclectically decorated KEX Hostel for a few fun rounds of trivia? If you’ve got a head for pop culture and pointless facts, there truly is nowhere else you would rather be.

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KEX is one of the city’s most beloved bars, offering their brewed beverages in a quirky, yet classy atmosphere. When not running trivia quizzes, KEX is a popular live music spot and delivers some delicious tasting cuisine. Make sure to pay this hostel, bar and brewery a visit during your time in the land of ice and fire.

Friday January 18th 2019

The Retro Mutants, Valborg and Mighty Bear – 21.00 – Gaukurinn – Free Admission

Mighty Bear is just one of the performers who will be playing the concert. Credit: ZakasPhotography.

Another week, another concert filled with some of Iceland’s most established acts. The Retro Mutants mix heavily distorted guitars and unforgettable metal riffs with the dazzling, neon aesthetic of the eighties, culminating in one of the more unique and colourful rock outfits to have ever come out of Iceland.

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Also performing will be Mighty Bear, the mysterious masked musician whose avant-garde approach to electronic music always leaves the crowd begging for more. And finally, the stage will be graced by Valborg, a young performer from the Icelandic countryside who blends pop with a country and western twist.

The night will be hosted in Gaukurinn, a rock and LGBT-friendly bar located opposite the Reykjavík Art Museum.

Saturday January 19th 2019

Discover Scuba Diving – 10.00 – 14.00 – Ásvallarlaug, Hafnafjörður – 5000 ISK

Credit: DIVE IS

A Discover Scuba Diving event will be hosted by Iceland’s premier dive and snorkelling organisation, DIVE.IS, in Ásvallarlaug pool in Hafnarfjörður town this Saturday afternoon, introducing the next generation of explorers to life beneath the water’s surface.

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Discover Scuba Diving is the very first course on the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) curriculum and acts as the first module of the far-more intensive Open Water Scuba Course, which acts as the recreational divers’ certification around the world.

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Sunday January 20th 2019

Floatation Therapy – 20.45 – 21.45 – Sundhöll Reykjavikur – 980 ISK

Credit: Pixabay.

Based around the concept of “water wellness”, this collective floating session is the perfect therapy after a hard January week, and not only includes lessons in relaxation, but also light massages to soothe those tired muscles. The event takes place in one of the city’s downtown pools. Sundhöllin.

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The water is shallow and warm, perfect for those who do not consider themselves strong swimmers, and there are float aids on loan for participants without the necessary equipment.

The event is run by Ellý Ármannsdóttir, a certified floatation therapist who was mentored by Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir, inventor and designer of the Flothetta Cap.

What type of events do you enjoy attending while on holiday? Have you attended events in Iceland before, and what type of events would you be interested in participating in in the future? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.