Friday is the perfect time to shake off work-week blues, of which there is no better antidote than a Guide to Iceland Now music playlist. This week, we will be looking at  local Icelandic musicians who have new albums scheduled for release this year.

We’re well into January now, meaning a year filled with possibilities is still very much ahead. Fans of Icelandic music can rejoice in particular given the artists’ who will be releasing their latest creative efforts in the coming months.

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Before listening to new output, it is never a bad idea to revisit some of the older tracks that made the artists known in the first place.

Keen listeners will find such well-known names as Lord Pusswhip, who is planning a release of his latest album “Lord Pusswhip is Rich” sometime this year. Other artists you may recognise include the jazz ensemble ADHD and solo-artist, Mr. Silla, aka; Sigurlaug Gísladóttir of Múm and Mongoose fame.

Credit: Stafrænn Hákon Facebook.

The former bandmate of Björk, Einar Örn Benediktsson, is also planning to release a new collection of tracks with his outfit Ghostigital, as are the rock bands Ensími and Grísalappalísa.

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The one man supergroup Moff & Tarkin will also be releasing new dance/electronic music. At the other end of the scale, the rock duo Regn. will showcase their latest from the world of noise and old school emo-rock, whilst female fronted art-punk band Tófa are planning their own tracks for 2019, no doubt inspired by their favourite 20th Century literature (a never-ending well of creative ideas).

With all of the above planning to revitalise the music scene this year, there is no better place to listen than here.

Who are your favourite Icelandic musical artists? What type of playlists would you like to see in the future? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the facebook comments box below.