Icelander, Aníka Eyrún Sigurðardóttir, got the shock of her life when a car shot out onto a pavement in Liverpool, UK yesterday, only narrowly missing her, as seen in the footage below.

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CCTV shows Aníka coming to a quick stop as a car veers in front of her path, and you can almost see the disbelief in her slow steps as she backs away from the crash. The rogue vehicle came to a stop only after ploughing into some railings and a traffic light, the latter of which then proceeded to fall on stunned pedestrians. Astonishingly, Aníka was physically unharmed.

Moments after the crash, the driver of the car exited and promptly fled in the resulting confusion. The police are still looking for the suspect.

Witnesses scrambled to help the injured and calmed the nerves of onlookers with hot tea; one person suffered impact injuries while two others were hurt by the debris. One witness told a Liverpool newspaper, “they could’ve been killed.”

Indeed, Aníka realises herself just how close to death she was. If she had taken just two more steps on that crossing, quickening her pace only slightly, the outcome could have been far more tragic.

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Everything happened so quickly, this shocked mother of two could not recount to reporters what exactly took place this day: one moment, she was at the intersection on her way to pick up her kids, and the next, a silver vehicle was speeding into the wrong side of the road on Warbeck Moor.

This harrowing experience has clearly shaken Aníka. According to Icelandic news site, she will skip this intersection and take the long way around to fetch her children from now on.