Unsurprisingly, Iceland’s skies do not only promise glittering stars, raging storm clouds and the promise of dancing Northern Lights. Last night, residents and visitors alike were amazed to see a meteor making a southward trajectory high up in the sky. 

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A blue flash was reported at 19.40 yesterday, stunning all those who happened to catch a glimpse of it. Sightings were reported from the Capital Area, the North and even the Westfjords, though unfortunately, no one was able to record any footage locally. However, a CCTV camera from Greenland managed to catch a sneaky glance—see below!

Icelanders have long been fascinated with the stars. Take Sævar Helgi Bragason, editor of The Astronomical Science, who’s sole intention has for years been to further a domestic interest in studying the solar system from our unique perspective here on earth. You can find out more information on Iceland’s penchant for astronomy on their website.

If you happened to have snapped a shot of this elusive Icelandic meteor, do be sure to send it our way and we will eagerly publish it with full credits! Also, be aware that there is a high chance of Northern Lights in the north of Iceland this evening.