If you’re hoping to see the northern lights and happen to be spending your time in North/North East Iceland, tonight is the night. Excellent forecast of clear skies and high level of activity is a promising mix for travellers looking to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

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Undoubtedly at the top of the bucket list for every winter traveller in Iceland is to catch the northern lights in the winter sky. This amazing natural phenomenon caused by electrical currents in the stratosphere have been liked with magic and myth alike. Their sheer beauty makes staying up to catch them oh-so-worth it.

The Northern Lights dancing above Vestrahorn mountain in northeast Iceland.

The Icelandic Meteorological office promises us a high activity level on the Aurora Index Scale. This is due to the high level of solar winds, causing high electric activity above us. On top all that, the Northern territories will have clear skies – a must for all aurora spotting.

With visibility predicted to be best in the northwest, the activity will be highest between 8PM and 2AM. You should cast your eyes to the sky, or hop on a bus to get out of town for visibility away from the light pollution. Still, it’s good to remember that the northern lights are a natural phenomena that, even though somewhat predictable, cannot be fully guaranteed. Still, you’ll have the clear winter sky and the stars regardless—now we’re just waiting for that highly likely, ethereal bonus we call the Northern Lights.

It’s going to be pretty cold tonight, though, so don’t forget to dress warmly. Woollen mittens, hats and socks go a long way. You could make this into a romantic evening as well, packing down your thermos and blanket, and hitting the road for a small, nighttime adventure—who knows, maybe someone out there will get lucky tonight in more ways than one!

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