New Year’s Eve is the time for cracking open bottles of bubbly and celebrating with friends and family. In Reykjavík, it’s also the time attend huge bonfires across the capital and light fireworks en masse. Most households will buy their own explosives and light them by the box! As you can imagine, the scene makes for one of the most impressive unofficial firework displays anyone could hope to witness.

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This past New Year’s Eve was no exception and in the hours leading up to and following Midnight, the Reykjavík skyline was ablaze with an exciting assortment of colourful explosives. Loud squeals, pops and bangs continued throughout the night giving the city a general background rumble as well as an ever-growing gunpowder fog in the streets.

In case you weren’t in Reykjavík to welcome 2019, you can live the experience through this selection of photos and videos. By the time you’re finished browsing, you’re guaranteed to be decided upon where you would like to see in 2020!

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Local Icelanders swamp pop-up fireworks shops around the city. Photo Credit: Michael Chapman

Perlan makes for one of the best places to watch the fireworks in Reykjavík. Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrycja Pati Makowska on Guide to Iceland Feature Group.

The stunning view of Hallgrímskirkja church in the city centre of Reykjavík. Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrycja Pati Makowska on Guide to Iceland Feature Group.

A view of the city from the suburbs as the lighting of fireworks gets underway!
Photo Credit: Michael Chapman

Across Reykjavík and Iceland, locals light their own fireworks, contributing to an overall display that is simply breathtaking. Photo Credit: Michael Chapman

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