The Northern Lights only appear during the winter in Iceland, but when they do, they create a dazzling solar display that is near indescribable to those who have yet to see them. Thankfully, the power of photography means that we can share some of the best Northern Lights photography around with you, as seen below.

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Waving in bright green, purple and red waves, this cosmic phenomenon is at the top of nearly every visitor’s bucket list during the winter, and for good reason. There are, after all, only a handful of locations on the planet where it is possible to see them, namely in countries that edge close to the Arctic Circle.

Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland is, without doubt, one of the best places to see the Aurora as they are often found dancing over fantastical landscapes that are mesmerizing in their own right.

What could be better than viewing the lights over the still surface of a glacial lagoon, or peeking out from behind the sharp peaks of a mountain? What could be more unforgettable than appreciating the aurora from the warmth of your very own, natural hot pool, or as you walk back to your hotel after a pleasant evening stroll?

In Iceland, any of these are possible, with thousands of visitors having already been blessed with their own incredible Northern Lights experiences.

Wherever it is you happen to find the Northern Lights, make sure to try to snap your own photos and send them our way.  We’re always fascinated to know just when, and where they show up!