If you are a regular visitor to Guide to Iceland Now, you’ve noticed that on the 13 days leading up to Christmas, we’ve been covering the 13 Yule Lads. The Yule Lads are a pesky group of half-trolls that harass unsuspecting Icelanders in the night.

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In the last few years, however, these mischievous creatures have taken a cue from the more popular seasonal mascot, Santa Claus himself, ceasing their terrorising. Well… mostly.

Although a few Yule Lads might still steal the family’s supply of skyr or snatch a few sausages, they now leave a little present behind before moving on to the next house, be it sweets or a trinket. Of course, those who have been naughty will receive no such gift; instead, the will wake up to a solitary potato.

MMR market and media research recently did a study on the Yule Lads to find out which one is the country’s favourite. In third place was Hurðaskellir or Door-Slammer who, like the name suggests, likes to slam doors during the night to wake people up. Second place went to the abnormally short Yule Lad, Stúfur, otherwise known as ‘Stubby’.

But what of the number one slot? Well, Iceland’s favourite Yule Lad is Kertasníkir, which translates to ‘Candle-Stealer’. The reason for his popularity is not because Icelanders no longer depend on candles to light their homes, but because his arrival means Christmas is finally here!

Now we’re interested to know which of the Yule Lads is our readers’ favourite! So make sure to enter your number one Yule Lad in the poll below.