A tourist at Reynisfjara black sand beach on the South Coast got hit by one of the beach’s infamous sneaker wave yesterday, trapping him in the surf.

The roaring, rolling waves at Reynisfjara are particularly violent, often creeping up on the beach far further than people expect. Visitors to the beach must heed warnings of the many signs informing them about the potential dangers found on site.

According to the news site, visir.is, a visitor to Reynisfjara didn’t heed the warnings signs posted along the shoreline. Finding himself too close to the surf, a sneaker wave hit him and pulled him into the ocean.

Luckily, an Icelandic tour guide was nearby and managed to pull the unfortunate tourist out of the water. A video of the incident was captured by another visitor which they then sent on to visir.is. You can see the video on visir.is by following this link.

Below are a few videos of people getting trapped in the waves of Reynisfjara to illustrate how common and dangerous these waves are.