Oh, the weather outside is frightful, as it usually is in Iceland in December. So get snug inside, grab a cup of hot chocolate and listen to this cosy playlist we’ve created for those cold winter nights.

Even though it is Christmastime, we’ve decided to forgo all Christmas music (for now), but this week’s playlist is still inspired by the season.

According to folklore, right now, the first of the Icelandic Yule Lads have left their homes in the mountains to head to the city. One by one, these mischievous characters will enter the homes of Icelanders to prank unsuspecting homeowners before leaving small gifts for the children.

Our playlist this week is comprised of our favourite Icelandic folk music, with songs inspired by legends, folklore and the wild Icelandic nature.

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These are also the perfect songs to listen to while sitting under a warm blanket as the cold wind outside knocks on the windows and shakes the roof.

You will find some of the country’s biggest musicians, including the Westfjords’ pride Mugison, the cherub sounding Emilíana Torrini, the hard rockers Kaleo, and melodic cuties, Of Monsters and Men.

There are also some of Iceland’s favourite musicians on this list. Artists who haven’t made a big stir outside this little island—such as folklore legends Bubbi Mortheins and KK, the sweet and raspy-voiced Lay Low, and the happy-go-lucky group of Hjaltalín—are nonetheless fantastic performers, worthy of your attention.

If you can’t make it to one of Reykjavík’s many Christmas Concerts—where you can see some of these performers sing your favourite festive songs—you can at least enjoy some great music with this playlist of Icelandic Folk Music.

Did we miss any of your favourite artists or your favourite song? Have you heard of Bubbi or Lay Low before? Let us know if the comments below.