So, you’ve made it to Iceland and figured out your sightseeing schedule but how can you tap into the cultural pulse of Reykjavík like a local? Just follow our round-up of the most exciting events happening in the city this week ranging from live jazz to Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson talk shop!

Monday 10th December

Come Talk Funny, Gaukurinn, Trygggvata 22. 21:00. FREE.

Come Talk Funny is a stand-up show featuring the best English-speaking comedians in Reykjavík. Showcasing local and international talent, this vibrant night of comedy is guaranteed to make you giggle as well as give you a peek into the eccentricities of small-island life. Be prepared for topics ranging from accidental incest to difficulties learning the tricky Icelandic language. And it’s completely free!

Tuesday 11th December

Kex Jazz Night, Hverfisgata 18. 20:30 FREE.

Get into the swing of things and join double bassist Sigmars Þór Matthíasson and his jazz quartet for an evening of smooth tunes and funky bass. Few places in Reykjavík are better suited for such a groovy gathering; Kex Hostel’s warm and cosy atmosphere will have you chilled out and ready to bop. If you like what you hear, indulge yourself and pick up a copy of Matthíasson’s debut album, Aróra, which will be on special offer throughout the evening.

Wednesday 12th December

Iceland Booze and Beer, Bjórgarðurinn, Þórunnatún 1. 21:00. FREE.

Did you know that beer was illegal in Iceland until 1989? Icelanders have a long-standing and complicated relationship with the amber nectar and boozing in general, all the way back to the Viking era!

Explore this rich history with Stefán Pálsson, a beer specialist and renowned lecturer and TV personality. Hosted by Bjórgarðurinn (‘Beer Garden), you can enjoy exclusive offers on a range of expertly brewed craft beers as well as the opportunity to win liquid prizes! Book a table to secure a seat via e-mail:

Thursday 13th December

Prump í Paradís: Battlefield Earth, Bío Paradís, Hverfisgata 54. 20:00. 1600 ISK.

Join celebrated Icelandic comedian Hugleikur Dagsson for an evening of the best worst movies to hit the big screen. This month’s movie is the weirdly wonderful Battlefield Earth starring John Travolta in one of his most ridiculous roles to date. With the help of a special guest, Dagsson will introduce the awful epic, and the screening will be followed by a discussion and, no doubt, much gleeful ridicule.

Friday 14th December

FM Belfast Concert, Hard Rock Café, Lækjargata 2A. 21:00. 3000 ISK.

Kick off the weekend with FM Belfast, a local electro group who want to invite you to a Christmas Party to “sweat and dance together”! The vibrant and thoroughly bouncy band have been performing since 2005 and consistently deliver live shows full of fun, colour but, mostly, a lot of dancing. With lyrics such as “running down the streets in our underwear”, this ultimate party band is guaranteed to jump-start your weekend to a cosmic level!

Celebrate the holiday season in traditional Icelandic style! Image Credit: Jólaþorðið í Hafnarfirði

Saturday 15th December

Christmas Village, Downtown Hafnarfjörður. 12:00-17:00. FREE.

Embrace the spirit of the season and discover the charming Christmas village in the centre of Hafnarfjörður, an area only 20-minutes drive from Reykjavík’s city centre. Open every weekend leading up to Christmas; the festive village is the perfect place to sample all that Christmas in Iceland has to offer. Find the perfect seasonal souvenir, delight in the idyllic harbour views, and try some traditional Icelandic candies and cakes. Don’t forget to try every Icelander’s festive favourite: a non-alcoholic sweet Yuletide drink called Jólaöl!

Sunday 17 December

Bruce Dickinson Spoken Word, Harpa Concert Hall, Austurbakki 2. 20:30. 11,000 ISK.

What better way to spend a Sunday evening in Iceland than at an audience with one of the heroes of heavy metal? Known first and foremost as the lead singer of legendary rock outfit Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson boasts many more feathers to his hat, including flying planes and fencing.  His wealth of experience make for excellent stories, and those in attendance will have the opportunity to ask the rockstar questions in the second act.

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