Icelandic chocolate brand, OmNom, have released one of the most adorable Christmas adverts in recent years, all in a bid to raise money and awareness for the wild cat conservation group, Villikettir.

In the just-short-of-a-minute video, we see a host of adorable small kittens around a Christmas tree. Some play with the ribbons they find on the surrounding presents, others scramble across the armchairs and piano, another is seen in the branches of the tree itself, a paw precariously swatting at a dangling bauble.

All in all, the kittens appear straight out of a postcard, a bundle of joy so young and full of life that they’d no doubt make the perfect Christmas gift. But then, a small line of text is overlaid across the screen.

It reads “Þetta eru villikettir”—in essence, “These are wild cats.

The advert does much to dissuade us from what our preconceived notion of how stray animals appear. They are not dirty or aggressive, nor are they rabid or living in squalor. They’re just kittens, kittens that anyone would want to stroke and feed and care for.

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OmNom’s winter chocolate is Drunk Raisins + Coffee, and features a cool new design with cats on its packaging. All of the profits derived from this delicious flavour bar will be donated directly to Villikettir, so that they may continue their important work rescuing and neutering wild cats in Iceland.

Drunk Raisins + Coffee. Click here to purchase your bar, and help save Iceland’s wild cats. Credit: OmNom Chocolate

This prevents kittens from being born into dire circumstances, or dying prematurely due to disease and illness. Villikettir also takes it upon themselves to rehabilitate wild and injured cats, as well as find them new permanent homes.

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A note for Iceland’s visitors; quite often, tourists to Reykjavik will come across cats walking outside and make the incorrect assumption that they are lost, posting adverts on Facebook to try and find their correct owner.

Unfortunately, while this is done from a good place, it only furthers the chances of the cat being lost. It is entirely normal for cats to roam freely in Reykjavik, and they are quite capable of returning to their homes when they are done. If, however, you happen to come across an injured cat on your travels, make sure to call Kattholt, the Reykjavik Cat Shelter, or Villikettir as soon as possible.