Travellers around Iceland are in luck tonight; with clear skies and a high level of activity, the northern lights will undoubtedly provide a brilliant display.

The highlight of every winter stay in Iceland is catching the Northern Lights dancing above. These gorgeous, often multicoloured ribbons of flowing light have ticked the imagination of many travellers and adventurers throughout the ages, causing the most common hope for those who visit Iceland to be clear skies and high activity.

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Those in Iceland will have a great chance at catching marvellous displays in the night sky tonight. According to the Icelandic Meteorological office, due to the high level of solar winds, we will see an unusually high aurora activity level.

The current forecast would suggest that the South Coast and the west are prime locations to cast your eyes to the sky, though with the activity this strong, any nearby location away from high light pollution will serve your just fine. Just remember to keep warm and cosy, as it can get mighty cold out there at night.

Even though the meteorologists can predict them fairly well, lets not forget that the Aurora are a natural phenomena, and can never be guaranteed, but a night in the countryside is always an adventure of its own, and with the clear skies, you will be sure to have a beautiful view, regardless of what happens.

So get your mittens, stock up on snacks and hot cocoa and go out hunting for happiness tonight, catching the glorious northern lights!