December has finally rolled in, which means for many of us, it is officially the start of Christmas. Now, without guilt or feelings of prematurity, we can decorate our homes in glittering fandangles, stick The Pogues on our speakers and begin devouring chocolate and smoked lamb as though its going out out of fashion. Ah, Christmas in Reykjavík—don’t you ever change!

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Last night saw the city’s second major snowfall, and once again, locals and visitors awoke to see their fair capital completely blanketed in the white stuff. Whilst not matching the incredible snowfall in Akureyri—the highest on record since the 1960s—Reykjavíkings can count themselves fully in the winter spirit. Look around, after all… it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Take a look below at some of the photographs taken this morning in the capital.

Christmas in Reykjavik sees almost all the restaurants and shops decorate their windows with pride.

A Christmas tree stands outside of Restaurant Reykjavík, one of the best places for seafood in town.

The Prime Minister’s Office on Lækjargata, Downtown Reykjavík.

Vesturgata, in the west of Reykjavík.

Overlooking Lækjargata in Downtown Reykjavík.

Hverfisgata street in downtown Reykjavík.

Hverfisgata street in downtown Reykjavík.

Safnahúsið, otherwise known as the Culture House, is an exhibition space in Reykjavík.

National Theatre of Iceland

The National Theatre of Iceland first opened its doors on April 20th 1950. The building was designed by state architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, who died only five days after the opening on April 25th 1950.

One of the many quiet streets of downtown Reykjavík this morning.

A building on Lindargata.

An Icelandic police car handling the snow.

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