Welcome to Reykjavík! For a relatively small city, there is a multitude of different things colouring this week’s cultural programme. Make the most of your time in Iceland’s capital and discover some of the various concerts and live events to enrich your holiday experience.

Monday 26th November

Miami Open Ping Pong Tournament, Hverfisgata 33, 22:00. FREE

Do you fancy yourself a dab hand at table tennis? Why not enter a local tournament hosted at Miami, a trendy bar in the centre of town. Although a relatively new fixture to the downtown bar scene, Miami has quickly become a favourite among locals thanks to its cosy, custom designed interior and cool bar staff, ready to serve you tasty and affordable cocktails. The tournament will follow a knock-out format whereby the winner of each game will proceed to the next round until a champion is crowned. As well as a mystery prize for the victor, awards will also go to the best dressed; the more flamboyant, the better!

Tuesday 27th November

Rick & Morty Pub Quiz, Bravó, Laugavegur 22, 21:00. FREE

Are you a fan of the weirdly wonderful, adult animation, Rick & Morty? Then consider entering this themed pub quiz, entirely free to join and bearing the promise of liquid prizes for the winners! Bask in the originality and creative humour of this widely acclaimed show, win or lose.

Pianist Ólafur Elíasson plays Bach at Dómkirkjan, Kirkjustræti, 20:30. FREE

Perhaps you’re looking for something a touch more refined to fill your Tuesday evening? If so, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy one of Iceland’s most revered musicians, pianist Ólafur Elíasson, as he performs six selected preludes from Bach’s collection The Well-Tempered Clavier. The event is completely free and held inside one of Reykjavík’s most ornate churches, Dómkirkjan, which boasts not only beautiful interiors but also impressive acoustics.

Wednesday 28th November

Sing your heart out at Sæta Svínið this Wednesday.
Photo Credit: Facebook/Sæta Svínið

Party Karaoke, Sæta Svínið, Hafnarstræti 1-3, 21:00. FREE

Sæta Svínið (‘The Cute Pig’) is your one-stop-shop for excellent food, delicious cocktails and, on Wednesdays, a karaoke party hosted by two of Reykjavík’s most charming DJs. The party is held in the intimate and distinctly decorated basement and is guaranteed to be a merry way of spending your mid-week night out. Book a table in advance to guarantee a seat and sing off the inevitable coma their gourmet gastropub food is bound to induce. If you’re in Reykjavík, you’re halfway there so why not give it a shot?

Thursday 29th November

A Documentary on Icelandic Paganism, The Space, Hólmaslóð 2 18:00. 1500 ISK

Ásatrú is a uniquely Icelandic and modern religious association with roots in Norse paganism. Established in 1972 by cultural figurehead Jörmundur Ingi Hansen, the Ásatrú faith is the only religious sect to have seen growth in its membership over recent years. Serving as High Priest from 1994-2002, Jörmundur is an essential figurehead of the movement, inspiring a documentary to capture his journey through the mythical Icelandic wilderness, as well as to increase a pagan dialogue with modern society. The evening will begin with a screening of the documentary, followed by a Q&A session with the High Priest himself.

Friday 30th November

Photo Credit: Light up the Dark

Light up the Dark, Hallgrímskirkja, Hallgrímtorg, 17:00-22:00. FREE.

Light Up the Dark is an interactive light installation created for ‘Write for Rights’, a campaign headed by Amnesty International. The idea is to raise awareness of ten urgent cases of human rights violations and encourage participants to contribute applying pressure on the responsible parties through petition signing. This impressive and moving light show will be projected upon Hallgrímskirkja church, Reykjavík’s most iconic landmark.

Saturday 1st December

Northern Laughs Comedy Show, The Secret Cellar, Lækjargata 6a, 21:00. FREE.

Northern Laughs is a free comedy night showcasing Iceland’s best English-speaking comedians! The global comedy boom of recent years—arguably catalysed by Netflix and a rise in comedy specials—has inspired many to try their hand at the art-form, with Reykjavík being no exception. Thankfully, Northern Laughs bringing audiences the cream of the crop. After the show, there is also free karaoke – what more could you need on a Saturday night then a sing-song and a belly full of laughs?

Sunday 2nd December

Christmas Lights Ceremony, Austurvellir, 15:30 onwards. FREE

Advent has begun, so why not get into the Christmas spirit with Reykjavík locals and witness the annual lighting of the Christmas tree, currently standing in front of Iceland’s parliament building. The ceremony will be accompanied by carol singing and supported by a live band. The Red Cross will also be in attendance, selling hot cocoa and coffee for a good cause.  Indulge in the Icelandic Christmas merriment and join this heartwarming, family-friendly evening.

Happy holidays!

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