Iceland is commonly known as the land of ice and fire, a land that balances its flaming volcanic calderas with enormous, heaving sheets of ice. But just how much do you know about Iceland’s glaciers?

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QUIZ | Glaciers in Iceland

How much do you know about the country's mighty ice caps? Test your knowledge with this fun trivia quiz delving into the blue and frozen world of Iceland's glaciers! 

Glaciers are persistent bodies of ice that move under their own weight. They are are found on every continent, forming on land after many centuries of snow continuing to rest in the same place. This snow becomes dense, eventually transforming into ice, which squeezes out all of the air bubbles to create a striking blue shade.

Glaciers are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Iceland, drawing people from across the globe to bask in all their frozen magnificence, or ascend them through tours and excursions. Each winter, these glaciers form glittering ice caves beneath them, allowing visitors to chance to explore deep beneath the ice, undoubtedly one of the most unique activities on the planet. Aside from hiking, it is also possible to try snowmobiling on the glacier, or even a Super Jeep tour. 

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