The word of the week is: Ísbíltúr  

Pronunciation: Ees-Biel-Toor

Meaning: Ice cream Car Ride

One of the less obvious facts about this culture is that Icelanders are devoted to ice cream, something of an irony given their rather brisk climate.  

Be it the hottest day of summer, which would be around +18 Celsius, or -15 in the dark heights of winter, the locals will be found, time and time again, chowing down on that delicious dessert snack.

Some Icelandic words can be difficult to translate into English easily. However, Ísbíltúr is a compound word, and can be split simply into three parts; Ís (“Ice”) bíl (“Car”) túr (“Ride”).

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Credit: Pxhere.

For Icelanders, the word brings to mind an immediate flurry of emotion. Take, as an example, eight-year-olds on a Sunday afternoon—the word Ísbíltúr promises culinary delight, a weekend treat that cannot be contended.

While for youngsters who just obtained their driving licence, Ísbíltúr is the thing one does late in the evening; it is a social event to display one’s newfound maturity (albeit while still eating ice cream).

Ísbíltúr is also the perfect date. It is the Icelandic version of a 1950’s drive-in movie, a stroll around a museum or a picnic in the park. It’s good, old-fashioned nourishment for the heart. If, for instance, the subject of your distant affection were to ask ‘Do you want to come on an Ísbíltúr?’ the best equivalent in English would be ‘would you like to go out with me?’

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