Nothing beats Iceland’s cold winter darkness like a hot date. Thankfully, the land of ice and fire promises fantastic opportunities for romance and seduction. Here are Guide to Iceland Now’s top picks of romantic things to do in Iceland this winter.

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1. Take Selfies Together with Iceland’s Nature

There’s no better way of making your friends seethe with jealousy than taking photographs of you and your loved one, smiling and doe-eyed, in front of Iceland’s most beautiful landmarks.

Be they tumbling waterfalls, towering mountains or tantalising glaciers, Iceland’s landscapes make for truly magnificent pictures, made all the more precious with your presence.

Be it for your Facebook or Instagram accounts, or simply your personal albums, selfies are a fantastic way of capturing your affection for one another. Snapping the perfect selfie is not only a bonding experience between you both but also a fantastic way of keeping your time in Iceland together fresh in the memory.

2. Visit an Ice Cave Beneath Vatnajökull Glacier

Ice caves form in Iceland every winter, creating a level of transient beauty that is impossible to match. Professional and experienced glacier guides head out each season into the winter wonderland that is Iceland to locate the most dazzling, romantic and unforgettable frozen grottos.

Stepping inside, you’ll both feel as though you are surrounded by a fairy-tale, a setting that evokes such charm and magic that it can only make your love that much purer.

Found beneath the ice caps, boasting fantastic shades of translucent blue and attracting thousands of international visitors each year, there is no doubt that stepping into an ice cave is a seasonal treat that deserves to be savoured with your most cherished loved one.

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3. Ice Skating in Reykjavík

What better way to appreciate the pleasures of the season than swanning, twisting and gliding your way around downtown Reykjavik’s Ingólfur Square with a partner?

An ice rink—part of a larger Xmas village—is erected each December, adorned on each side with festive kiosks and crowds of jovial friends, families and couples.

Those visiting the country outside of December can also head to Laugardalur valley’s all-year ice rink or Reykjavík’s city lake, Tjörnin, if it happens to be frozen over.

Depending on your experience level, guests can impress a lover with their elegance and skills on the ice, or hang on to them tightly to save themselves from falling. Either way, this is one activity that can’t help but bring people together.

4. Don’t Argue! Have a Snowball Fight Instead

Blanketing the country, Iceland becomes the perfect frozen playground, a place to build snowmen, create snow-angels and, of course, hurl copious amounts of snowballs at one another.

Winter is when Iceland truly lives up to its name, a time that transforms Reykjavík into a city straight out of a picture perfect postcard. Though snow cannot be predicted too accurately in advance, it is a near certainty that it will appear at some point. For those lucky enough to experience snowfall in Iceland, you’ll find the weather adds whole new levels to your romance.

5. Cosy Up with a Movie at Bíó Paradís Cinema

Whatever genre happens to be your favourite, the silver screen is the perfect excuse for holding hands in the dark, catching up on culture and, let’s face it, enjoying a long kiss in the back row.

Thankfully, the quirky Reykjavík cinema, Bíó Paradís, not only makes this a collective pleasure but a necessity on cold, winter days. Showing a range of movies, from the latest releases to Scandinavian arthouse films to celluloid classics, this is one staple of the city’s cultural scene that you won’t want to miss.