Are you a true Game of Thrones fan? Are you equally crazed about Iceland, the land of ice and fire? Are you prepared now that winter has finally come? Well, young squire, see whether you’re truly ready to face the White Walkers with our Game of Thrones in Iceland quiz and see if you can get all of the best-known filming locations shot across the country!

READ Game of Thrones in Iceland | The Filming Locations BEFORE THE QUIZ!

But BE WARNED – this quiz does contain SPOILERS, designed for hardened Game of Thrones veterans and lovers of Iceland alike. Prepare for battle.

Game Of Thrones Locations in Iceland

Be you a Lannister or a Stark, the quiz results are in your hands! Click below to begin your quest towards a perfect score... or face being sentenced to a life at the Wall! 

With Game of Thrones Season 8 ready for release in April 2019, we at Guide to Iceland are having trouble containing our excitement for the beginning of next summer. In the meantime, we’ll spend our days rewatching old seasons, photographing ourselves in traditional Viking clothing and guarding the realm of men. As the ice, wind and snow begin its reign over our beautiful island, and the darkness begins to overshadow the daylight, our minds are prepared for a night full of terrors… which means, thankfully, a weekly quiz is a wonderful distraction!

See how you do guessing some of the most well-known shooting locations across the country, and make sure to leave your scores and queries in the Facebook comments box below!

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