After long battling Lord Sauron and the power of the one ring, vertically challenged Middle Earth hero, Gimli, may have gained a foot or two but has fallen from great heights and is now serving popcorn in Reykjavík’s arthouse cinema, Bíó Paradís.

In a move that could be no further from his previous life, the ‘Lord of the Glittering Caves’ has traded his axe-wielding days to serve Icelandic hipsters beverages and exploded corn kernels. The great irony, of course, is that most of the clientele will be far too cool to have seen the fantasy blockbusters for which he is best known.

In the video, Gimli explains that Bíó Paradís is Reykjavík’s only art-house cinema; however, the management’s liberal attitudes—which undoubtedly come from reading too many subtitles—do not extend to their employee code of conduct. The former fellow was brashly dismissed after having been caught snacking on the produce he was charged with distributing.

At this moment it is still unclear as to whether the Directorate of Immigration will be taking action against the self-proclaimed “illegal immigrant”, but they would have to find him first! Rumours have it that comic book shop Nexus is harbouring the fantasy superstar and putting him in touch with Iceland’s ‘hidden people’, but no one knows for sure.

John Rhys-Davies í Bíó Paradís

John Rhys-Davies kíkti til okkar og tók stutta vakt með poppvélinni Camillu. Gekk því miður ekki nógu vel þar sem hann gat ekki hætt að borða poppið í vinnunni :/

Posted by Bíó Paradís on Monday, November 12, 2018

Notoriously dwarves and elves do not get along, however, after Gimli’s extended relationship with lithe lover Legolas, this should not be a problem. The couple has not been spotted together since Gimli’s ‘Elf-friend’ was seen to be going a little too hard on that bleach he uses for his iconic shade of platinum. Whether or not this has something to do with the famous dwarf’s radical life changes, remains unclear.

Lord of the Rings fans are said to be trying to entice and trap the adorable character with shiny things and drinking horns. Such items can luckily be found at every other shop in the downtown Reykjavík area as well as postcards and canned Icelandic air made in China. The search continues…

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