Mr. Silla stole the show at yesterday’s Airwaves festival with an eerily tantalising performance at Gamla Bíó, one of Reykjavík’s finest venues.

Mr. Silla is the solo manifestation of Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, who is also for known for her comprehensive work with a variety of acclaimed Icelandic musical acts including Múm and Mongoose.

Last night, the old movie theatre, Gamla Bíó, served her exceptionally, giving her breadth to put on a powerful display in near darkness, wrapped in smoke and with a set full of shameless seduction. Mr. Silla was in her natural environment.

Donning eye-whitening contact lenses and black makeup—and backed by her partner in crime, guitarist Tyler Ludwick—Silla’s slinky movements and electric guitar was a bewitching affair, full of late night howls and gentle, caressing vocals.

Silla’s voice was a delicate but powerful conveyer of impassioned emotional weight that seamlessly danced over the long shadows of the deep dark chords lurking underneath.

We were treated to an admixture of alien compositions made dangerously compelling by the pair’s guitars and magnified by Silla’s impeccable vocal expression, that is at the same time both sorrowful and light.

‘Is it really over so soon?’ was inscribed in the expression of every single member of the audience as the show came to an end, leaving us longing for more magic.