Iceland is a prime spot to view the Solar Eclipse, set to appear in 2026. But preparations for this celestial phenomenon can’t start soon enough, with potential visitors already gearing up for a trip in eight years time.

This is what a small hotel manager in the remote Westfjords of Iceland found out when a flood of requests for reservations for August 2026 started coming in.

Best Locations for the Solar Eclipse in Iceland

Her first thought was that she was being pranked by friends or family, but it turns out the request was genuine as this location is going to be the best spot to watch a total solar eclipse in August 2026.

Birna Mjöll Atladóttir is the manager at Hotel Breiðavik which is only 12-km from the famous bird-watching cliff and most western part of Europe, Látrabjarg. It also happens to be the best position on earth to view the celestial event, set for 8-years time, along with the western tip of Reykjanes peninsula.


A History of Eclipse in Iceland

On August 12 2026, the moon will obscure the whole of the sun casting a 300-km wide shadow over Iceland. In the capital Reykjavík, the eclipse is expected to last for one minute and ten seconds, a spectacular sight for visitors and locals alike.

A total eclipse has not been seen in Iceland since 1954 and will not occur again until the 14th of June 2196! There are not many more captivating and moving natural phenomena as when the world goes eerily dark in the middle of the day, and it’s no wonder that occurrences of eclipses have historically been shrouded in legend and superstition.

Astronomy teacher and geologist, Sævar Helgi Bragason—known to Icelanders as “Star Sævar”—comments to the news site,, that Icelanders should begin to prepare so that as many people as possible can enjoy the events, visitors and locals alike.

Iceland will be the best place on earth to see the 2026 total solar eclipse. Credit. Wikimedia. Creative Commons.

Star Sævar is the man who made sure that thousands of kindergarten and primary school children received special eclipse eyewear in 2015 when a near-total eclipse was visible throughout the country.

These special glasses sold out in stores everywhere back in 2015 so it’s therefore not surprising that people are already planning to be in the best position to fully appreciate this natural wonder.

Atladóttir, however, was less prepared when she received her first request for a booking for 2026. She kindly declined and asked the customers to be in touch after 6-years as she takes bookings by hand and does not yet have a 2026 book. But she is now considering to reconsider her position on the matter.

So – clear the date & hope for clear skies.

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