Former FM Belfast frontman, Árni Vil, bewildered everyone at Bryggjan Brugghús last night as he made a careful incision in the fabric of reality and invited the rest of us to peak beyond the matrix.

It almost goes without saying that Árni’s new project is a world away from the ultra upbeat electro-party-pop he composed with his former band a few years back.

Now supported by the dreamlike vocals of Jarþrúður Karlsdóttir and Sóley Tómasdóttir, the impeccable but wild drumming of producer Þórir Bogason, Gylfi Sigurðarson’s hypnotic jew harp and percussions, the bass of Thomas Stanklewicz, and Albert Halldórsson’s soft guitar, Árni produces a relaxed and collected atmosphere, where—somewhat paradoxically—anything can happen.

It’s not too often that you accidentally find yourself at a pop concert and are forced to ask yourself fundamental questions about the meaning of reality. Why do I exist? What am I doing, and to what end?

And yet, there we all were, on a Wednesday night, staring at a stage in the middle of a brewery on planet Earth, while Árni and the rest of his strange party had us entranced.

If human beings are supposed to seek spiritual enrichment, then true art is the sorcery that gets you to that other side. And last night we were allowed to witness the kind of art that effortlessly pulls you above and beyond yourself, to a strange new place, where for a moment, you get to glance newfound and unexplored levels of freedom.

Teitur Magnússon and Árni Vil.

The ritual reached a climax when Árni was coupled on stage by musician Teitur Magnússon who joined his friend in song, harmonising the mantra the two friends composed together:


Something awaits

in the river of light.

In the river of light.


It’s not over until,

you start over.


And ‘poof’… the ceremony was over, and the rest of us were abruptly pulled back to normality—but left with that satisfying feeling you get to experience once in a while, when you softly return from vivid dreaming.

Thank you.