What is it?

A family-run ramen restaurant in downtown Reykjavík, where the city’s very best soups and sides are served with smiles, grace and goodwill.

Why go?

Situated in central Reykjavík’s Tryggvagata, Ramen Momo was established in 2014 by Tibetan ramen chef, Kunsang Tsering, and his Icelandic wife, Erna Pétursdóttir.

This is Iceland’s first and only ramen and dumpling restaurant, and the first Icelandic noodle station to produce and offer organic homemade noodles.

Ramen Momo seats between eight and ten people, and during the busiest hours, it is not at all uncommon for customers to stand in line for near thirty minutes, waiting for a high-seat or a takeaway.

But it’s worth the wait! As you stand there, you might come to realise that you have found yourself in an environment so relaxed and inviting that time simply moves to a different rhythm.

No matter how packed the place is, the chefs will never rush to prepare your food and no one will be too busy to smile or strike up a conversation; no one will be in a hurry to see you leave.

This attitude is the secret ingredient that elevates Ramen Momo’s food and culinary experience to heights rarely achieved in a world in which patience is an endangered virtue.

All the soups are served with shiitake mushrooms, green onions and a marinated egg. You can select between Tonkotsu, Lobster and Misu broths, and choose either pork, chicken, tofu or kimchi toppings. The ramen is homemade from scratch using only organic ingredients.  

As a side, you can order Japanese pan-fried gyoza dumplings (chicken or vegetable) served with homemade spicy sauce, as well as soy sauce with fresh green onions.

In short; Ramen Momo is a place where the staff’s charm and friendliness are swimmingly matched by the quality of the food they serve. You should do yourself a kindness and drop by some day in the near future.


Website: https://ramenmomo.is/

Price: Soups are 1,890ISK per serving. Four Dumplings come at the price of 950ISK

Winter Opening Hours:    

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 11:30 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 21:00

SATURDAY  12:00 – 21:00