If you’re after some raw female energy for this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival, then look no further than the fearless and fabulous trio CYBER.

Initially formed in 2012 as a thrash metal/rock duo, CYBER is now the ongoing rap/electronic musical project of Bleach Pistol/Sick Roma (a.k.a. Salka Valsdóttir), JuniorCheese/YNG NICK (Jóhanna Rakel) and DJ Þura Stína. Their live shows are decked out in bold theatrics, outfits and attitude which set them apart as artists you don’t want to miss this Airwaves.

Their music deal with themes such as anxiety, daily struggles, and daddy issues and the lyrics often range from outspoken and political to nonsensical and even vapid.

A playful, tongue-in-cheek approach alongside live performances—which are oozing sex appeal—create a subversive feel to CYBER’s music which will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

Photo credit: Berglaug Petra

Their beginning was unusual from the get-go; Salka signed the duo up to perform at the second ever women’s rap night at Prikið. Jóhanna was in Russia at the time, and they only had ten days to prepare although they had already found their band name from Salka’s favourite MAC lipstick years earlier.

With the arrival of beat master Þura Stína, the group solidified, discovered their sound, and have been bringing the party since.

All CYBER’s members come from artistic backgrounds which is starkly apparent when you see them on stage. Latex and leather galore, the members have immediately tangible and individual personas and their diverse theatrics demand your attention from the start.

CYBER’s collaborative creation has its roots in rap troupe Reykjavíkudætur (Daughters of Reykjavík), and they proudly represent the same fiercely female hardcore attitude that one wouldn’t dare challenge.

The trio’s on-stage antics are only becoming bolder and more conceptualised. At last year’s Iceland Airwaves, they rocked the stage, making their entrance clad in full red leather and latex inside coffins, shouldered by no less than eight drag queens.

Salka and Jóhanna regularly lie down to perform certain tracks and the stripped-back and simple choreography that features in some songs is often understated but serves to hypnotise an already engaged audience.

Photo Credit: Berglaug Petra

In the last two years, CYBER has released three projects: the 7-track CRAP in August 2016 featuring weird but strangely addictive hits such as ‘Aspen Barbie’, ‘Barnaefni’ and ‘Drullasama’.

Next was a three-track EP, simply titled BOYS. The EP is all about cute Russian boys—the song titled Russian boys is ridiculously catchy.

Their most recent release, HORROR was a horror concept album and was dubbed hip-hop album of the year by Morgunblaðið newspaper as well as winning the 2017 Kraumur award. The album is further fleshed out with guest appearances from dynamic artists such as rapper Emmsjé Gauti and cybergoth outfit Hatari.

The rap group will be releasing their new album, Bizness, on the 9th of November. Never fearful of reinvention, audiences can look forward to what kind of fashion freakout will follow this  Iceland Airwaves and the album’s grand reveal.

Performance Dates & Venues:

CYBER is performing on Saturday 10th November at 20:00, at Reykjavík Art Museum.

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