This morning, sleepy-eyed residents of Iceland’s charming capital city, Reykjavík, opened up their curtains to a blanket of the winter’s first batch of snow.

This year, the first day of winter in Iceland was officially Oct 24th, and yet a mere 12 days later, locals and visitors alike can now finally believe it as they head to work adorned in woolly hats and gloves, spouting misty breath and snapshotting every snow-laden corner for their instagram feeds. That’s right folks… Winter is finally here!

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Overnight, the city transformed from its typical grey and grizzled aesthetic into a picture-perfect version of itself, a living postcard that demands the local populace get outside, throw snowballs and breathe in that fresh seasonal air.

At a brisk -2°C (28.4°F), visitors to Iceland will be equally charmed as the country lives up to its frosty name, with the city’s new look creating a tide of excitement that seems to whisper out, “Christmas is coming”.

Take a look at some of our pictures, taken this morning in Reykjavík.

Reykjavík’s quaint souvenir and Christmas shops have taken on a far more authentic sheen, as their colourful tin rooftops become overlaid with natural winter decor.

Reykjavík’s guardian landmark, the table-top mountain Esja, was shrouded in a thick cloud of mist when photographed this morning.

Snorrabraut, one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, emblazoned under a glowing winter sky. The city’s police station can be seen on the right.

Smiðjustígur street, taken beside the Embassy of Denmark (seen on the right).

Hverfisgata is the street that runs parallel to the beating artery of Reykjavík city, Laugavegur shopping street. Hverfisgata is one of the fastest developing streets in the city.

Monday morning commuters were, no doubt, held-up momentarily by the need to wipe the thick layer of snow off their car windscreens. Note the sheer variety of Icelandic architecture visible in the photo.