Dorrit Moussaieff, the former First Lady of Iceland, has decided to clone the former Presidential dog, Sámur. This was stated by Moussaieff’s husband, former President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, this morning.

According to Grímsson, biospecimens were taken from the dog and sent to a company in Texas, where cells were cultivated. From these cells, it will be possible to clone Sámur at any time.

“Sámur is getting fairly old, he is eleven,” said Grímsson, as reported by RÚV. “So Dorrit decided to have him cloned.”

“There are two companies in the world that clone dogs,” continued the former president. “One is in Texas and the other is in South Korea.”

“We went to a veterinarian who took a biospecimen from his skin and sent it to Texas. They’ve now cultivated cells from it, so whenever we choose we can get the new Sámur. Dorrit decided to wait until Sámur has passed. I don’t know, but it could be that Sámur would be the first dog in Iceland to ever be cloned.”

“What I find even more uncanny,” continued Grímsson, “if I can use that word because I find this type of science, sure, it’s remarkable and interesting, but you can negotiate with a company to have it store the cell samples for years, for a modest fee.”

“I’ve told my grandchildren that when they have homes and children of their own they can order their own Sámur from Texas. It is a bit of an uncanny world, but it means that even if Sámur passes on, we can make sure he’s still with us.”

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