A 35-unit farm of windmills has been proposed in Reykhólahreppur in the Westfjords. Wind measurements and environmental impact assessment have begun.

The proposal comes from EM Holdings, a joint venture between Irish windmill developer EM Power and Danish windmill producer Vestas, by way of daughter company EM Orka.

EM Orka Project Manager Ríkarður Örn Ragnarsson, speaking with RÚV, said EM Power had surveyed Iceland extensively for a suitable place to build a wind farm.

“The environs… indicate very favorable wind conditions, it’s a short distance to the nearest substation and the mountain creates natural shielding for nearby habitations,” he said.

The land will be leased from landowners in the area. Plans are to connect the farm to the Landsnet (operator of Iceland’s power grid) substation in nearby Geiradalur, six km (3.7 mi) away.

Ragnarsson says first projections estimate 35 150-metre (492-foot) tall windmills running at up to 126 MW, though he cautions a number of things can change once environmental impact assessment and wind measurements are done, processes that are expected to take two years.

EM Orka is not the only company preparing for wind harnessing in the area. A company named Storm-Orka plans to build up to 40 windmills in Dalabyggð, 50 km (31 mi) to the south, and another one named Quadran Iceland Development plans to raise 12 to 24 windmills in the same area.

According to Ragnarsson, EM Orka is not interested in selling the energy to large-scale energy buyers but rather to meet increased domestic demand for electricity.

“In our estimation, this is the best way to produce energy in Iceland,” said Ragnarsson, “especially because it’s a reversible option. When the wind farm’s lifespan has run is course, you can remove it.”