An immense number of thirsty NATO troops descended on downtown Reykjavík last weekend, drinking up everything in sight and virtually exhausting the stocks of the city’s alcohol supply.

The city’s taprooms and bistros reportedly struggled to accommodate the voracious crowd, which was thought to number anywhere from six to seven thousand soldiers at its peak, reports Vísir. This was in addition to thousands of other travellers from all over the world, meaning downtown was stretched to the limit last weekend.

Several bars ran entirely out of beer and needed to call emergency services from Ölgerðin (Iceland’s biggest brewery and alcohol importer), who transported hundreds of kegs downtown to meet the seemingly neverending demand.

Nuno Alexandre Bentim Servo, part-owner of the popular downtown bar and restaurant Sæta Svínið, spoke with Vísir. According to him, the troops’ thirst was not limited to the weekend; apparently, they were at it from Wednesday straight through Sunday, day and night.

Their curfew was midnight, and they seemed to have made good use of their time on land to wet the whistle, added Servo.

Though Iceland has been playing host to a fair few soldiers over the last week, the number pales in comparison to the approximately 40,000 soldiers that will be stationed in Norway during the coming Trident Juncture series of exercises. It will be interesting to see how the good proprietors of Norway deal with the massive influx.

As Servo puts it: “They’ll probably have to bring in some beer from Finland.”