Fosshótel Hellnar on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula plays host to a few permanent residents. Among them is a cat named Pál Dánielsdóttir, who holds the esteemed position of Hotel Mousekeeper.

Dánielsdóttir, a female tabby cat, received her own employee card the other day. One of her owners shared a picture of the card on the enormously popular Icelandic Facebook group Spottaði kött (“Cat spotted”), where the people of Iceland—a cat-loving bunch if ever there was one—share cat memes and photos of everyday cat sightings.

The picture instantly went viral, garnering 9000 likes on Reddit and 19,500 likes on Twitter. Pál’s owners, Hungarian couple Dániel Puskás and Zsuzsi Szabó, have also set up an Instagram account for her which already has over 750 followers.

Dániel and Zsuzsi came to Iceland in 2006, originally working for Hótel Núpur in the Westfjords but later moving to Fosshótel Hellnar.

“She was born in Selfoss, then moved with us to Fosshótel Hellnar,” said Szabó, speaking with “She’s such an avid mouse hunter that there was no question about it, she had to get her own employee card as well.”

According to Fosshótel representatives, all employees are treated equally. “We try to create a fun and positive environment for staff and guests alike. This is a trial job position for now, but if things go well, we’re open to adding more mousekeepers.”