Iceland visitor satisfaction has gone up according to Ferðamannapúls, a continuously measured index of traveller satisfaction.

The index is maintained by polling agency Gallup, airport service provider Isavia and the Iceland Tourist Board.

It measures satisfaction across five factors; value for money, how well the visit lived up to expectations, the hospitality of Icelanders, how likely visitors would be to recommend Iceland to others, and finally their overall level of satisfaction with the trip.

Out of the travellers who visited Iceland last month, those from the United States (scoring 85.6), Australia (83.8) and Germany (83.3) were the happiest with their stay. Significantly less happy were visitors from Canada (79.2) and France (77.9), coming in at the bottom.

The median was 83.9, which is the highest it’s been since November of last year.

Value for money was the lowest-rated category of the index across all countries, measuring at 78.4. Again, the United States ranked highest, with France and Spain the least happy.

The highest-rated category across the board, meanwhile, was how likely visitors would be to recommend Iceland to others. The index measured this at a whopping 90.7, this time with Spain and Italy ranking the highest.

In terms of both expectations and hospitality, Australians and the USA were the happiest, while France, Spain, and Canada were comparatively disappointed.

Photo: Gallup