With two celebrated solo albums under his belt, Teitur Magnússon has managed to make folk music sound fresh again.

Although keen on using a variety of instruments and styles, the beloved artist’s distinctly relaxed singing voice invariably provides a warm centre point, keeping the listener safe on a strange journey that can veer from tragedy to cosmic joke at any given moment.

His latest song, “Orna,” has been released with an accompanying music video quite unlike anything that has come before.

“About a year ago, my friend introduced me to Teitur Magnússon,” says the video’s director, Logi Hilmarsson. “That night they showed me a screenplay that my friend had written to illustrate the song; a few pages full of magic, mystery, laced with deep philosophical and esoteric insight. They asked me if I could bring it to the screen and I, of course, accepted. This is my attempt at honouring their work and I really hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“Orna is a musical short film,” Hilmarsson continues. “It follows the artist as he flows across different realms and identities, looking for balance and unity within himself through the magic of a Shamanic circle, reimagined in a Nordic setting.”

“Putting that strange and grandiose story on the screen proved to be quite the logistical and technical challenge,” says Hilmarsson. “There wasn’t much of a budget to work with, but with a whole lot of help from good people, a day spent holding our breath at the bottom of Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool, as unaware swimmers popped into frame, and then some hundred hours animating and rendering every shot, I had a music video that didn’t look like anything else.”

Teitur Magnússon’s latest album, “Orna,” is available on Spotify as well as in all major Icelandic record stores. The launch concert will be held in Iðnó on the 12th of October. In addition to that, Magnússon will perform several times at the Iceland Airwaves music festival, with more details to be announced soon.