If you feel like absolutely nothing but having a very strong, very tall cup of coffee will get you out of bed, join the club. As October creeps up and the bright summer days give way to dark winter nights, many of us are feeling the post-summer slump. But instead of resigning yourself to three months of melancholy, check out these uplifting October tours of Iceland we’ve pulled together to ease you into the season.

Northern Lights Hunt | Superjeep Tour

The long, dark nights (and days) here in Iceland can make it hard to motivate yourself to get out, but—look on the bright side— they also create an opportunity to head on out into the countryside to hunt for the Northern Lights.

The most magical thing about the Northern Lights is the way they expand and contract in all directions, moving like dancers in the sky. Even natives of the island anticipate this spectacle, in all of its grandeur. It’s like nothing else on this earth.

We recommend the super jeep for your adventure this particular October because they can reach places that larger buses can’t, especially this strangely snowy autumn. Super jeeps are strong, but still small enough to provide comfort and privacy, thus guaranteeing a personal and memorable experience.

Hiking in Thorsmork Valley | Super Jeep Day Tour

Þórmörk is one part of the isolated Highland region of Iceland, nestled among three volcanic glaciers, Mýrdalsjökull, Tindfjallajökull, and the famous Eyjafjallajökull.

On this October tour of Iceland, a local guide will pick you up from either Hvolsvöllur or Reykjavík city, and take you in a super jeep (you know what those are now) to the valley where you’ll be greeted by strange landscapes of winding rivers running through black sands, moss-clad rocks, and birchwood forests.

Your guide will lead you on a four-hour hike through the untouched wilderness. Breathing in the fresh mountain air is a sure-fire way to beat the autumn blues.

October is the last month you can book this tour, so make sure you reserve your seat now.

Solheimajokull Glacier Hike Adventure

October tours of Iceland are a sure-fire way to beat the autumn doldrums by having a new adventure, seeing the world in a brand new way. 

And what could be more uplifting than, literally, conquering a mighty glacier?

At Sólheimajökull glacier on the South Coast, an expert guide will lead you past snowy peaks, coloured black by the ash of past eruptions. After hiking through this dark labyrinth of ash-covered ice, you’ll reach the pure white surface of the vast glacier.

And then you’ll keep going on this invigorating October tour of Iceland. Physical exercise is a sure-fire way to stay fresh and happy. After walking across a field of endless ice, you will see the glacier lagoon below you, tall mountain ranges above you, and deep, sky-blue fissures in the ice, called “crevasses,” that your guide will safely lead you past. 

It’s hard to imagine a serenity as pure as the peace you feel at the top of a glacier. It’s nothing short of euphoria. You’re far from any roads, no animals in sight, accompanied only by the crunching of your crampons as you cross the ancient ice.

60 Minutes in a Private Weightless Float Tank

There is no denying that travelling around the Icelandic countryside in October is a great way to beat the autumn blues. But what do you do if the weather is too bad to travel out of the city?

Sure, you could test the forces of nature and see if you win. People have won before, and you’re, after all, in the land of Viking Gods. But, on days when it’s just too cold and dark outside, you can also stay in Reykjavík city and try out a weightless float tank—sometimes called a sensory deprivation tank, but it’s much more soothing than that.

Get a solid hour of pure relaxation by floating like a rubber duck in a tank filled with cosy skin-temperature water and Epsom salts. No negative thoughts, nothing to worry about, no apps, messages, or emails to respond to. You’ll soon forget your worries over the harsh Icelandic weather and find instead a deep focus and peace of mind.

3 Day Winter Self Drive | Hot Springs and Northern Lights

As a local, I can tell you that there is no better way to brighten up your spirit than by soaking in the warm waters of some of Iceland’s many geothermal pools and hot springs, and sometimes October tours of Iceland are the way to go.

On this three-day tour, you  take the wheel and travel to the country’s geothermal areas—Reykjanes Peninsula, the Golden Circle and Reykjadalur valley—where you can unwind in the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, relax surrounded by small geysers at the Secret Lagoon, and take a dip in a natural hot river.

There is even an option to travel the South Coast where you can see some of the country’s most iconic attractions, like the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, and the black sand beach of Reynisfjara.