Heavy snowfall and sleet are forecast for North and Northeast Iceland today. Driving conditions and visibility will worsen this afternoon and into the evening. Travellers should take extreme caution when driving in the North and Northeast for the next several days. The Iceland Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning to reflect the possible danger.

As strong winds raged through the town around midnight, police in Akureyri sought assistance from contractors to secure roofing. According to the police, the wind tossed unsecured objects around the Hagahverfi neighbourhood, causing a potential hazard in the north Iceland city, which required immediate attention and action.

A Yellow Weather Warning for Northeast Iceland

The yellow weather warning is in place from 8:00 this morning until 2:00PM in Northeast Iceland, with heavy snowfall, low visibility, and difficult driving conditions. Sleet and rain will be most prominent around the coasts. The same warning was issued in East Iceland from 9:00AM until 4:00PM.

No-Travel Weather in Húsavík

According to the police in Húsavík, vehicles that are not equipped with the requisite winter tires are not permitted on the roads. The road around Námaskarður has been closed because it is currently considered impassable.

Snow is also covering the Öxnadalsheiði, Fljótsheiði, the Mý­vatn and Möðru­dalsöræfi areas­ in North East Iceland. Icelandic Search and Rescue have been called to the scene in Öxnadalsheiði because of traffic paralyzed by snow.

Autumn Lows Roll Into Reykjavik

High winds and snow storms are a usual occurrence around this time of year in Iceland, when the first low-pressure area,or haustlægð, moves across the country. With the appearance of the first low-pressure area come high winds, cold weather, storms, and a drop in temperature.

It marks the beginning of the autumn for many of Iceland’s residents and visitors and carries the Northern Lights, which have already made several appearances this fall, in its wake.

To the south, the Iceland Met Office has forecast mild-to-moderate winds that will spread across the eastern corner of the country, which should ease throughout the week, although heavy cloud cover is forecast across the country.

Travellers in Iceland are reminded to always take caution when traversing the country and to make sure to check weather and road conditions through the Iceland Met Office.