What is it?

A rambunctious whiskey bar in Reykjavik and live music venue that’s often heard before it is seen.

Why go?

Dillon Whiskey Bar pushes over 170 different types of whiskey and cognac, making it an absolute must for those with a particular fondness for the cloudy tipple. With live music every Wednesday through Saturday, Dillon is one of those establishments where you’ll start the night and then realise at three in the morning that the bouncer has a firm hand on your shoulder and is leading you stoically out of the door.

Those who are less keen on twilight chats with the local drunk might find this spot a tad tiring, but those who open their hearts to the locals are likely to find a solid home away from home in Dillon. Boasting an enormous backyard patio, and a daily Happy Hour from 2PM to 8PM, Dillon is a safe-bet for whiskey bar connoisseurs of the traditional watering hole, even though it’s branded itself a fully-stocked whiskey bar in Reykjavik. To boot, the famed DJ Andrea makes routine appearances on weekend nights.

Dillon also doubles as a rock and blues establishment. Its lofted upstairs space has the atmosphere of a cozy attic, but has a partitioned off performance space where local bands (and not-so-local-ones) perform most nights of the week. Shows are generally free entry. Dillon also hosts a weekly Blues Jam; the house band plays for an hour to warm up the audience, many of whom are performers themselves, before, in true democratic fashion, opening up the mic to amateur players. Dillon also lends visitors instruments and equipment, if they don’t have them, because their primary interest is in building a music community that fosters friendship and new (perhaps hidden!) talent.


Website: http://www.dillon.is/
Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 12PM – 1AM
Friday – Saturday: 12PM – 3AM

Price Range: Lager: 1.000ISK; Icelandic IPAs: 1.450ISK
Cocktails: approx: 1.800ISK